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Professor Agasa has recently posted a video on a popular website, asking for someone to evaluate an old vase he found in his attic. On the particular day the case occurs, Agasa has invited the Detective Boys to a curry supper. Returning from a shopping trip, Genta and Mitsuhiko encounter Sera, who asks them a couple of detailed questions about Agasa, Ai Haibara and the recent hostage case at the Mouri Detective Agency. But unbeknownest to them, Agasa's house is being eyed by a duo of sinister-minded individuals. When Mitsuhiko and Genta return to the house, they learn to their frustration that the curry dish is not finished yet. Disgruntled, Genta begins kicking around a soccer ball, but an all-too-unlucky shots makes the ball ricochet right into the curry pot, thoroughly drenching Ayumi. After some well-deserved admonishment, Ai takes the boys out to buy new ingredients, while Ayumi takes a shower and re-dresses. But as the others return from their shopping, they find to their shock that Professor Agasa has been knocked out and that Ayumi and the carpet have gone missing!

25 Minuten

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